miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012

Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses, this is all about. I've chasing this kind of glasses for years, even before they become famous. Honestly, I would wear all of them, no matter the color. These I'm showing above are some of the most beautiful ones I've found around and I wanted to share it with you.
Which are your favourite one? have you ever used this style?
I can tell you will find most of it in 80s Purple, an amazing website with good prices and interesting things.
Hope the weather is improving next days to try them :)

2 comentarios:

  1. ahhh the three first glasses are amazing!! I've already had the first and the third ones, but I really die for finding ones like the second ones, I hope I'll find them!!



  2. I'm obsessing over round sunnies lately too! especially the brightly-coloured ones like those turquoise ones in the fifth picture <3