miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Help us to Help

One thing I've noticed is that in this life no one is untouchable. If you want peace you must be prepared for war. I think there is a very thin dividing line between having a job and personal security and not have it at all. Today you have your family and friends around you, you have a salary that lets you live each day and occasionally have a few whims, but suddenly it happens that one day things go wrong, and like a domino, the pieces start to fall. Let's put ourselves in the worst case, imagine, you lose your job, you have a high mortgage to pay, you have a family to support, you have friends that help you but gradually move away because they also have many burdens to face. Imagine that the slump becomes routine and suddenly, you have nothing in life. You're a poor person in a world full of candy and treats that you can not have.
There are many people in this situation in Spain, even more than we can imagine. Every day when I get home from work, I meet people on the train asking for help with much desperation. It shrinks my heart to see people in that state, and they are people like all of us, who have seen their lifes twisted for whatever reason and have found no light at the end of the road.
So, making a break on the subject of other entries, today I bring you something really important. Alejandro Toledo, a very wellknown professional of the same world I devote myself, Advertising, wanted to portray just that, a lack of that many families by the crisis. The so-called modern poverty represented by a white bear in his daughter's hands.
As Alejandro puts as the ad claim:  "Help us to help" with Caritas, which for me is the best NGO ever. Enjoy the video, it's really worth seeing.

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