lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

That's mental

Here I am. In the very beginning I would like to explain that my vision of reality is being slightly distorted by a series of events around myself.

I could have woken up, take my breakfast watching some depressing TV news, go straight to my computer and searching for different online employment agencies to find a job. Then, I would start submitting in several professional positions and then, walk to the kitchen and prepare some tea or coffee to let myself continue with "the activity". So, continuing with the activity maybe I would get distracted for some random croton bug in the wall, which means that I could start getting bored looking at my computer screen and wondering myself what's my goal, and if I'm wasting my time applying for something that I don't know for sure if really exists at the same time than 4 millions people with likely the same over qualification than me. Crazy times...

This uncertainty, this lack of information, this TV shitty-programs, this passive routine, this massive hole of unskilled politicians, this mob oratory, this intention to make people drowsy with advertising campaigns (yes, I know it's too bad considering that I'm a graduate in Advertising), this lack of interest in education, this blind present, this future without incentive, this lack of new generations because of the complication of having children, this small portion of active people supporting the country economy, this old and retire people living with very little money after a lifetime working, this lack of support for small and medium enterprises that are really which are working to feed the market resources, this lack of solutions, this waste of money in supporting unions, this big amount of lies, this lack of jobs is feeding corruption, this companies asking for loads of years of experience (therefore this impotence for all of us who have just finished our degree), this perspective that everyone agrees, but no one is likely to move a finger to change it...

Now, you can see how celebrities like Jim Corr or Eric Cantona, from the music and sport worlds respectively, are trying to wake people up to start a revolution. Ireland, Portugal, Greece have reached their limit and I'm convinced that the next in the list is going to be Spain. So as far as I am concerned, my personal revolution starts now.

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