domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

The King's Speech

Speaking of movies, about what is on the agenda on billboards, I must say that of the three movies I've seen, none has left me indifferent.
In this post I will start talking about "The King's Speech." A film that struck me by the great performance of his players (although I prefer thousand times the ease and grace of the therapist than the dark side of the timid brother, honest and candidate for king).
Geoffrey Rush is a charismatic, dreamer, humble, who lives and treats others as their closest friends and is always willing to go all the way to achieve the verbal agility of their patients, therefore, their happiness. A quaint and original soul that lives in a house stripped of all luxury and quite transparent where their children are educated in the austere but that is where they place their dreams.
The plot of the movie is a bit poor, as the main motivation is to see Colin Firth articulating a coherent and spinning speech that could make of him the perfect king, and lead his country to a better fate than his brother had begun to build. My question is, have a right speech makes a person better King? Are just these the attributes required for an heir to the crown? Should the argument be made stress upon their values as a person or just in his difficulty speaking?
Is that expectation of the people then corresponds to a good political sense?

I do not know, many unanswered questions that might indicate a gap in the approach to the story, do not you think?

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